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I am looking for a way to zoom in frame by frame on our 3aplay 425 output. Our basketball conference is requiring that we not only have a instant replay feed for the referees, but the ability for them to zoom in on that feed from a monitor. For example, to see if a player stepped out of bounds or who touched the ball.


Not sure how similar the 425 is to the 440 but if you aren't using both outputs you could put output B in output A's DSK overlay. You'd have to do the zooming in the 3Play itself using the gear icon but that would be a start.

Edit: This is assuming the 425 has DSKs, which I'm not sure if it does

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Don't know about 425 either, but on 440 / 4800 you can use macros and trigger them from keyboard, Xkeys or whatever, to build zooming presets using the DSK, as ctc2010 described.

We made that for one of our customers, not the same sport but same referee application.


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Is the 3Play output being routed through a TriCaster? If so, I have created macros and hardware for zooming any source routed through an M/E. Zoom to center, any side or diagonal corner (9 areas).

Zoom keys.jpg

Please PM me for info on TriCaster options


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