zbrush sketches


cat servant
some more...cartoon cat..just started it...
and a cartoon duck from last weekend whilst watching the F1 race...the legs are horrid on the duck...will be re topologising them and making them 'proper' that's to say UNDEr the body and not out from the side...shoudl have looked at some reference eh!!??:D


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Thanks for those links.

After a very long wait. I finally got ZBrush OSX a few days ago. So advice about what DVD's are good and what are not so good, is very welcome.

Looking at your sketches, says that ZBrush is going to be a lot of fun. Once I know what I'm doing.


Parm, check out the rest of this thread... links/advice to DVDs, tutorials and such :thumbsup:

Nice work Cresshead... you really know your Zbrush.
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