Wrestling ABF

ok, partly solved....

note; testing a bit more, it looks like PLG is quite a bit better. it unwraps more tricky UVs in a much nicer way.



ack ack
Don't know how up to date the plugin section is on Lightwave site.....?
PLG tools shows as only on PPC for Mac (not intel), is this a very old plugin.
ok, did a search, sorry, Mac PLG is a no go...


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With ABF, select first some edges, then run it, and it will be fine.. otherwise attach object and show which edges you selected to be seams..

For example:
Make Sphere. Use ABF UV Unwrap .
It looks crap!
Because sphere is continuous closed object.
Wrong for this tool.
How to solve it?
Select one edge, then use Select Loop, then disconnect one edge.
Use ABF Unwrap.
And it looks great.
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nope, this Obj ain't closed.
so often that is the solution, yes, but not in this case unfortunately.
i did test-run ABF on some other stuff, but on complex geometry it fails, while PLG runs smoothly.
seems to be an ABF thing. i believe also that this is the first version of ABF, and not ABF++
not criminally bad, but not ideal either. PLG saves the day in this case.

Looking into Rizom also by the way, seems close to Magic.

i should add, the geometry for this object is not ideal, at all.
don't blame me, i didn't model it....

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Keep in mind that all unwrapping algorithms will choke on bad geometry.

I have a character model that I didn't model that I would get garbage UV unwrapping results from, even using demos of some of the industry's better tools. (Headus UV Layout, RizomUV, 3D Coat, Blender, Modo, et alia.) It wasn't until I went in and fixed those issues that ABF Unwrap in Lightwave became an option, and then, it worked wonderfully.

Not being able to have edge selection sets makes it rather tedious, but work arounds for things like this is a fact of life for lightwave users (though, it shouldn't be...)

*edit* : After a bit of cleanup (conversion of the n-gons into quads/tris) on the example, ABF handled it just fine.
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@Sensei Already have it, thank you. :)

Like I said, Workarounds (which includes 3rd party plugins) are a fact of life for a Lightwave User. :)

*edit* : After a bit of cleanup (conversion of the n-gons into quads/tris) on the example, ABF handled it just fine.
yes, the best way for this object was to actually make it CC with Level 1, then freeze it.
ABF worked nicely after that.
agree, the more "strange" polyflow, the bigger chance of a bad unwrap. Nice to see PLG making it work tho'



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Let's analyze object which works fine with ABF Unwrap, poly by poly, edge by edge, and compare it with the same object which does not work, to find true reasons for misbehaving of the tool. If getting rid of n-gons would be the answer, simple select n-gons and triple would work, but it is not.. Start from making absolute minimum object with just a few needed polys, reproducing issue.

oh yes, i know, in this thread i wasn't questioning it really,
but rather stating that ABF can misbehave more commonly than for example PLG.

ABF does indeed need more clean topology.

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