Workshop Tip - Selected Previews in a button

Paul Lara

It's ALL about the light
This was posted by one of our customers, and I'm sharing it here:

I found out you can play a selected preview in a button. It will not affect the Chapter Video you have in the button:

1. Edit the in and out of the clip you want to preview.
a.Make sure the clip is long enough for the preview you want.
b.In the build that we got from VT4 I think its fixed at 20sec.
c.Import it into the ulead video bin. (Lower left side bin) by hitting the down arrow and select "Video – General" then the "folder Icon" to the right.
2. Select the "MENU" Tab at the very top of the page.
3 Highlight a button on the menu page you selected. (big window).
4 Drop your full-length clip into the play list for that button.
5. Next select the micro button "Style" just above attributes (top left side bin).
6. Drag and drop the preview clip on the button.
7. Make sure the "Motion Button" is checked off in the bin below Play list.
8. Do the same for other buttons.
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