WMV encoded audio is out of sync Help


I've had this issue for since the last upgrade of the SpeedEDIT software in Jan 2014 but have noticed it is also in the SpeedEdit versions on my Tricaster 460 and 455. When I encode using Windows Media as my final format the audio goes out of sync. It gets worse the longer running the program. I have a work around - render to avi and playback in the Tricaster DDR and encode live using the Tricaster or exporting to Sorenson Squeeze but would much prefer to encode a two pass in the timeline. Any thoughts.

If it helps typical settings are 960x540, 29.97, 16x9, 3500k bitstream, stretch, progressive, keyframe interval 5sec, buffer smoothness 63 and buffer size 5


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Yes I have found the same thing in my 860 system...except I was rendering to the Quicktime choice (newtek422).
I found nothing wrong with the file,,,, just wont keep sync when you put the rendered file back on the SE timeline. Stupid.

I have done the same thing as you - put it in a Tricaster DDR and re capture.
Now that they are officially dropping SE I guess we wont get a fix for this.
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