Wireless Tally for Tricaster

Colin Parnell

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Hi All,

If like us, you are looking for a low cost and simple solution to provide wireless tally with your Tricaster, we can supply a system that we know works really well.

We looked into it, tried a few, and then bought a system from a company in Sweden. We liked it so much we agreed to distribute it in the UK.

You can find out more at www.wirelesstally.co.uk where you can see the prices and details.

We have an 8000 and used it recently with 8 cameras on an intense and hazardous event (water, land and air) and it proved reliable and easy to set up and use.


How does this compare in priace and quality to what NewTek's distributor in Europe (3D Storm) offers?


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I am looking into buying a cheap HTC or similar Android phone for every tally receiver, then download the Android TallyTek app which is free and gets a CUE or LIVE signal wirelessly from the Tricaster with installed Tally software, also free.


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I have just put together a wireless system using arduinos and ghz transmitters. Total cost of the 8 camera system is about $400 not including lots of labor putting it all together. It is still somewhat in prototype stage but coming together nicely. Designed for an 850, but I would imagine the tally system is similar on most of the Tricasters. Range is about 250M or so line of site. I would be happy to discuss my ideas and share the code if you don't plan on marketing it. If you plan on reproducing it for sale, make sure you cut me in on the profits.


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System tested perfectly in the studio, of course the real test will be out on the football field during the first game when the kids are using it (late august) :) Camera Systems are completely wireless and use rechargeable batteries, capacity has been tested to eight and should give at least 12 hours. These attach either to the shoe mount or to the side of most field monitors. Base system can be run by a/c wall wort or with the same battery pack used on the camera receivers with nearly the same time of use. If you are interested in the plans and code, and you are comfortable making solder connections, send me a PM
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