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Member! I've not seen ANY reference to a key. I just scimmed thru the manual and saw nothing. I was on the phone with support for 2.5 hours yesterday and no mention of a key.

We installed a downloaded 2.5b upgrade and it too won't recognize a dongle nor does it even request a dongle type. Support had me ftp a download of the full program and it won't recognize or ask about the dongle and only runs in demo due to no dongle. We also reinstalled the latest dongle drivers.
Well, I have the LW/Aura kit I bout way back when Newtek had them combined in a package, so maybe mine is different, but I would think it wasn't.

Anyway, the key I have is NOT listed on the newtek site, but something I had to call in and get. Mine is 6 digits in length.

I don't remember where you need to enter the key in, but my recollection was that even with the dongle and no key, it gave the no dongle message.


Support finally told me aura2.5b won't run in 64bit so I can't run it on my Vista computer.
So I installed Aura2.5b on my XP Pro computer. I had tried to install the Aura2 disk on the XP Pro computer with the parallel dongle but I got the same "No Dongle Present" at the end of the install, so i hadn't considered installing with the USB dongle. 2.5b installed and recognized the dongle. So, although the XP Pro computer isn't as robust as the Vista computer, I do have it running, now.

I was told by the dealer who sold me the Aura to remove all USB drivers from the Vista and download the most recent driver from Sentinal and try again. The XP Pro device mgr says my dongle is running version 7.6.1. My Vista says the dongle is running version 7.5.1 so I downloaded 7.6.1 and removed the 7.5.1 and installed the 7.6.1 driver. No matter what I do the 7.5.1 is the driver that installs. It says it's the 64bit driver but it still won't activate the dongle in Vista for Aura. SOOOOooooo... looks like I'll be running on the XP Pro computer.
I am using Aura2.5b with USB dongle in my TCXD300, a Vista 64 PC, without any problem. The SefeNet driver version is 2009-08-06. Aura installed as 32 bit program.


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Got the same trouble with the new Sanfetdriver that where requird for the latest Core build. I put Aura 2.5 on VM-Ware Player 3.0 with Win 2k and installed SeveNet driver version 7.4.0 and Aura displays the registerform as it is suposed to.

(LW9.6 does not run on the VM, just crashes)

Regards, Tobias
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I am using Aura2.5b with USB dongle in my TCXD300, a Vista 64 PC, without any problem. The SefeNet driver version is 2009-08-06. Aura installed as 32 bit program.

How did you get it to run on Vista 64... I am having the same problem? what where your steps?



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Yes please animlab, inlight me. My aura was working on the dongle of lightwave (9.x and above) With all the changes with lightwave 10, like lightwave.exe now called layout.exe, the config file not being at the same directory than before, etc. all those details are confusing and shaking my poor Aura, I managed to make it work for some days, but now, 2 months later, I have a message telling me that I have 30 days left and I have to fill the register page again with also the unlocking code. I'm on "the register later" for now. Besides that, everything else works just fine!


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Installing Aura under Windows 7

Everything works just fine for me. I found what was my problem.
The old USB dongle cannot coexists with the new one (in my case).
So when working with Aura, I have to use my old dongle only
and when working with LW 10, just swap with the new one.
As soon as both of them are plugged in at the same time, Windows seems
to choose one of them depending of the order the system will see them.

To answer at your question MonkeyWithaGun or anyone out there trying to
work with Aura 2.5b (or even 2.5) on windows 7 (or Vista, I suppose) :

Before the installation, copy an old config file of lightwave 9.x,
meaning, a LW3.CFG in the following path = C:\Users\[every user folder using Aura]
If you don't have one, use the one attached to this message.
After starting Aura and filling the registering form of the software,
you don't need the .cfg anymore, but it doesn't arm to leave it there either.

My old dongle was a dual software dongle, for Lightwave and Aura.
For those who had the dongle for Aura only, I don't know if the same
trick will work. It worth the try though.

I really don't believe that the "it doesn't work with 64bit system".
My win7 is 64bit and Aura works just fine with my old dongle.
Check the version of your sentinel drivers (mine is 7.6.1)

Hope it will help! Please, gimme some feedback.


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Installation d'Aura sous Windows 7

French traduction of my message above /
Pour vous mes très chers amis francophones et français,
une interprétation dans notre langue de mon message précédent:

Tout fonctionne à merveille pour moi. J'ai finalement résolu mon problème.
Mon vieux dongle ne peut coexister avec le nouveau (dans mon cas).
Donc lorsque je travaille avec Aura, je dois utiliser l'ancien dongle seulement
et lorsque je travaille avec LW 10, je ne fais qu'interchanger les dongle.
Dès que les 2 sont branchés en même temps, Windows semble choisir l'un des deux
selon l'ordre dans lequel il les voit.

Pour répondre à la question de MonkeyWithaGun ou tout autre personne souhaitant
utiliser Aura 2.5b (ou même 2.5) sous Windows 7 (ou Vista) :

Avant l'installation, copiez un vieux fichier config de Lightwave 9.x (et même plus vieux, je crois).
Dans mon cas j'utilise le suivant, LW3.CFG qui est joint à mon message précédent en anglais.
Il faut le placer sous la racine suivante = C:\Users\[tout les dossiers "user" utilisant Aura]
Le fichier config n'est plus essentiel après l'installation d'Aura et après avoir rempli l'enregistrement
(registering form) du logiciel. Par-contre, le laisser là ne fera pas de mal non plus.
Je travaille avec un OS en anglais seulement, donc je ne peux point vous éclairer quant
aux différences pour l'installation sous un Windows et/ou un Lightwave en français.
J'ose espérer que la procédure et les résultats sont sensiblement les mêmes.

Mon vieux dongle était un dongle à double usage, soit pour Aura et Lightwave.
Je ne sais pas si ce petit truc fonctionnera pour un dongle attribué uniquement à Aura.

Je ne crois pas à cette histoire de dongle qui ne fonctionne pas en 64 bits.
J'utilise le mien avec Windows 7 64 bits et ça fonctionne très bien pour l'instant.
Vérifiez quand même votre version de pilotes (drivers) du dongle. Moi, j'en suis à la version 7.6.1.

J'espère que ces explications seront utiles à au moins une personne.
Donnez-moi du feedback, s.v.p., ça m'intrigue! :)
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