Will you upgrade/buy when/if Lightwave 2021 comes out?

Will you upgrade?

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    Votes: 44 57.1%
  • Probably

    Votes: 12 15.6%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 13 16.9%
  • No

    Votes: 8 10.4%

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I'll upgrade. (assuming I can get it for the $295 price - conversion of USD is expensive these days). It will be worth it. I'm not expecting revolutionary new things. I just hope Modeler is improved and Layout for export to game engines. I don't care anymore about using LW for rendering so I don't really want work on that side of it if I'd choose. So far LW 2020 works in my workflow (thanks to 3D Coat doing a lot of heavy lifting).

I only do either NPR
NPR, still King in any LightWave version.



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or they could just let the community develop it and fix bugs with agreement that they can incorporate to the ip. win win. we want the bugs fixed and they might get some additional sales with minimal effort


For me, it almost more of an emotional than logical decision, but I would just to support what I believe is a legendary program, even if Vizrt seems to be dropping the ball all over the place.


it´s like, will you get married when you meet your girlfriend, if you currently have none.
Oh yeah..certainly I need to get married just to support the social standard that are expected.

that said, I will Never get married..nothing in it, and it´s premises has any value for me what so ever, will not have any kids either.
Well at least that is my standing and plan on it all ..for now :)

lots of feminism here, but nope, not the cause. it simply isn't "worth it" to most.
i guess they show their love in other ways.
cool by me, times change, i'm neither for or against.



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lots of feminism here, but nope, not the cause. it simply isn't "worth it" to most.
i guess they show their love in other ways.
cool by me, times change, i'm neither for or against.
So are both genders are opting out in Norway or just one of them?


Is it because Nord men have decided to go their own way due to things like feminism?

It´s more a viewpoint of pledging within a church and the religious values foremost.
Secondly a civil marriage where that is not a viewpoint, but you may want to show your bonding, and gain benifits from being marriaged in a relationship, kids etc.

This is very cultural, where marriage and religion matters like probably 80% more in the U.S compared to Sweden, my rough estimation though.
On one hand it may have to do with womens liberation to some degree and not needing to get married, on the other hand it seems women are more proned to desire a marriage than men does actually.
Foremost though.. I believe it is about changed points of view in social life and religious views.

Nothing of that fit´s my viewpoints or my needs.
I reckon more and more people of the younger generation is avoiding marriage over here, and that´s for the newer generation, but it kind of started with my generation and I am a 1965 guy.

And if I find a nice girl to hang on to, I just heat my prometheus metal sign and tatoo brand it in to the buttocks, then she´s mine :)

In my father and mothers generation, it may have made sense to get married, men mostly having a proper job and better salery, my father a police officer, mother a simple maid from when she was 14 years old, so it kind of made sense to marry a guy who could provide for the biggest part.

My 3 sibling whom are all older than me, only one of them got married, partly becuase of urgency due to my brothers wife emigrating from Peru and needed residence permit in the 90´s, and partly because she had strong catholic fostering/ideals.

My sister who is 67 now, I think she´s been together with her man for 30-31 years or so, they have a daughter, turning 30 now in march, so I have to say that as a reminder to myself since I am her godfather.
but she didn´t like the idea of marriage, have to ask my niece now on her birthday, if there is plans on marriage with her boyfriend currently, they do want to have kids though, both working with elementary school kids so they should be used to the monsters :devilish:
it was always my opinion that derailing was healthy.

Hey, wait, isn't this thread about LightWave Marriage

so, in a way...

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