Will Aura Be Updated?


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This question is specifically for Paul Lara (or anyone who works at Newtek):

I've been using Aura ever since it's been available with the VT and I think it's a great program but I can't help but notice that Newtek hasn't updated it in a long time. Is Newtek letting it die or are there plans in the works to update it?

It would be a shame not to continue to improve such a great piece of software. The Animbrush functionality reminds me of another great paint program I use to use with the orignal Amiga 2000 and the first Video Toaster - Deluxe Paint.


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GCL said:
You will find that Newtek will no longer update Aura. The product as been renamed / sold as Mirage and the link for it is: http://www.bauhaussoftware.com/.

Be nice though !

I believe that NewTek have options on running a number of business choices through with what they do with Aura. Bug fixes and a separate development track being two of these options.

I think we'll be just as likely to see a new version of Aura as we might see TVPaintDeveloppements coming out with "TVPaint-EM64T". Either would be detrimental to Mirage sales.

If it wasn't for NewTek, Mirage wouldn't be what it is today, IMHO. There are some proprietary ideas and shared intellectual property in Mirage that thankfully haven't had to be removed and I am thankful for that.

Whilst Mirage isn't cheap, the ability to use proxy/seek-within file access mode has in itself justifed the cost to many who have gone over. Aura2.5VT is a mature product and Mirage isn't for everyone. I guess a similar quandary occured in LightWave-VT but more so with VT[2] having a scaled down LW-Express and all VT versions of LW still being problematic with 3rd party dongle associating plug-ins.

When you outgrow what you can currently do with a single VT, you do need to consider more than just ploughing your money into a new computer. The suite expands and contracts to enable it to grow. Ultimately it does, with DWS and DFX being the more recent growth directions from an integration standpoint.
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