will 3d Arsenal work with LW 9.6?


I'm a bit confused.

Is 3d Arsenal a plug-in for Lightwave?

Any downside (or tricks) to installing it with Lightwave 9.6. on OS X 10.5?

If install the trial, is there a way to un-install it?

Also, a bit off topic, but what are other popular plug-ins for Lightwave?


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3D Arsenal is a set of plugins and a lot of content for Lightwave. There is a version that includes a FULL VERSION of Lightwave 7.5. If you own Lightwave already, you do not need the more expensive version.

It works just fine with LW9.6.

The only trick is installing menu configs to make it easy to use 3D Arsenal. There are instructions on the 3DA portion of the newtek site. You will haveto download the 3DA configs for LW9, as the disk does not inlcude the latest release (or at least mine did not).

I am not aware of a 3D Arsenal trial. You can install and uninstall the LW trial.

Other popular Lightwave plugins...

LWCad - lots of tools very useful for architecture. www.wtools3d.com

FPrime - fast renderer/previewer. Needs an update to play with the latest node based textures. Still very handy for lighting setups and old school surfacing like in 3DA.

UV Imaginator - helps with UV textures and it is free (www.flay.com and search for it by name)

IFW textures - lots of surfacing help seach for the website and you will see what I mean.

Others will have their own advice, but this should be a good start.
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