WHite line at top of picture


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I have VT5 installed but this problem has been there forever. Normal SD video was not problem since you never really see the top of the picture.
But when you start doing video for the web and streaming the top can be seen.
It is one or two lines of white at the top.
If I am editing I can crop it but live streaming it becomes an issue not easily fixed.
Does anyone else have this problem. I am assuming its a hardware issue on the board.


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In the full overscan view of a typical SD video signal, you will see a few lines of noise like that, Ed. This is normal, not a flaw. For web purposes, of course, it could be annoying. The simplest fix is probably a slim black rectangle image under the whole project to hide the noise.


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Or, do what I do, and adjust the z position slightly to push that line out of view. Yes, the lines are usually contained outside of the viewable area (with overscan). However, computer files don't have that unseen area. Sometime you'll see time code info, or other miscellaneous streaks from digitized tape. A slight zoom in will eliminate the problem.

Of course, if you're using SE2, there's a bug that will make your clip disappear if you try this. You need to first go into the "layers" setting and change the aspect ratio from "auto" to either 16:9 or 4:3.
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