Which Liberty3D tutorials have you had the best impression of?


As there´s been this discussion of Kelly being Ill and such, and my economic powers and my savings are something I need to keep buffering up for my future considering the horrible income I have had
over many years, including being unemployed many years, which means I am not willing to supporting him that way with donations.

But I am raising this thread to give a bump to the Tutorials they have and if enough people recommends some of their tutorials, maybe it attracts others to purchase and bring something extra to
their site..and hopefully something extra for Kelly in the end.

So which Tutorials are you satisfied or impressed with on the Liberty3D site?
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All good for anyone to know about which ones are good from any instructor, and I´ll guess it could help them keep on going the more that buys tutes.
But I reckon a focus for this also could be which Liberty3D tutorial from Kelly is something you were pleased with, since I reckon purchasing his vid´s is the only ones generating any benefit towards Kelly.


I bought Fusion for LightWave Artists yesterday. I don't know if Liberty3D keeps only a small fee for its services, but I hope it helps.


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The Lightwave character animation course by veteran animator Tom Roth had a broken purchase link, but Kat has just fixed it. Character animation for Lightwave tends to be under-represented so it is a must have for anyone interested.
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I picked up Syflex Workflow Guide some time back & hope to make use of it in the nearish future. And then there's Lewis' automobile modeling series...


Second on Ryan's videos; he gets right down to it and has a sense of humor too. Phil Nolan LW Cad is good, Elvis's on modeling is good, and of course, Rebel Hill's is good, but that looks sold out. Kat's Production videos are pretty good too depending on what you want to learn.


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That's copyright in action. Craig may have been more profitable with sales on his own site, so he limited the sales on Liberty3d.


I wonder if Kelly could jump in and describe a little about how much he benefits from a purchase of his videos, compared to if someone buys the other products at Liberty3D, if theres even a single profit for Kelly at all if purchasing ryans videos or not?

I ask this, and started this thread to look in to options to help him out but not with pure charity since I demanded a full story to be presented, which doesn´t seem appreciated in some other threads.

So what I could do to feel that I help out but doing so by hitting to flies in one smack as we say over here, that would be to look in to buying some of the tutorials that I find would be interesting, mostly from what I have seen though..it´s mostly Ryans videos I am interested in.
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