Where to find detail info about how two peers communicate when playing ndi stream


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I encounter a problem when I try to play ndi stream from another vpc. Two vpc is connected. When I use auto receive mode, the ndi stream can be find but cannot be played. When using Single-TCP receive mode, the ndi stream can be play. What's the differences between the modes? And how do the peers communicate when a ndi stream is being played? Where can we find the detail infos? Many thanks in advance.


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'Auto' means that all receive mode types are accepted (Reliable UDP, Mulit-TCP, UDP or Single-TCP).

Selecting a mode off the list allows that mode or Single-TCP to be accepted.

The mode used depends on the NDI version used on both ends, the 'newest' mode will always be attempted between what both NDI versions can support. Unless you have selected a receive mode in the dropdown, then it will be the mode selected or Single-TCP if that mode could not be used.
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