where to buy, $19 legit?


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I have an old copy of Aura 1.0 with a parallel port dongle I'd be willing to sell. You'll probably want to check with Newtek to see if they'll let you upgrade to Aura 2.5 (the last version before it was sold to Bauhaus and became Mirage... and then sold to another company to become TVPaint again... with a higher price tag).


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This may sound like a silly question, but Newtek sent me the Aura manual when I bought VT(4). Am I wrong to assume I should have recieved an Aura program CD as well? If not, is it on a content disk somehwere or within the Lightwave program. I am completely lost.

Matt Drabick

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The copy of Aura included with the VT product line is not a standalone copy . . . it is to be used only with the VT hardware . . . the VT hardware is the dongle for that version of Aura. You can't separate the software from the hardware . . . you don't have a separate version of the software that can be installed on a non-VT system.

Matt Drabick, DigiTek Systems


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Hi Matt,

I have never owned a VT. I wanted a VT and built a computer that could've hosted a VT but I was never able to justify the cost of a VT. I have a stand-alone Aura 1.0 with its own parallel port dongle. It came as part of a "graphics bundle" back in 1998 or so.

I have two Aura licenses. Aura 1.0 with it's parallel port dongle and Aura 2.x which is tied to my LW USB dongle.


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From said website:

"Retail Price $895.00
Our Price $19.95
You save $875.05"

And you're asking if this is legit!!!!!!!!

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