What version of Skype on VS-100 works with TriCaster Mini?


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I haven't used our VS-100 in probably two years. I just updated both Skype TX and TalkShow but now cannot figure out how to use it. Apparently, it works differently with the TC1 than it does with the Mini. I watched a video but realized it was for TC1 when it started talking about assigning it to a channel (???). I'm still looking for a tutorial about how to use the VS-100 with a Mini.


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PLEASE HELP! I cannot figure out how to make or receive calls in the latest version of Skype TX. When I try to make a video call, hovering over the call button reveals the prompt "Call contact on any available channel". What does that mean??? When I click on the call button, I get this: <CALL CONTACT and the contact name below it but nothing happens. There doesn't appear to be any way to configure anything in this app. I'm at my wits end with this. I'm frankly amazed that no one has answered my previous cry for help from March 12, six days ago.


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Thanks for your reply. We figured out we had to put the TalkShow machine's IP address in the right hand column "Add a Skype TX unit to control". Everything worked fine after that. And no, we couldn't find that info anywhere. We had to figure it out.


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And no, we couldn't find that info anywhere. We had to figure it out.
Perhaps this info, from page 28 in the TalkShow manual, will help, Stan:

To add a channel, click the Menu icon seen at upper right in Figure 20) to expand the menu.

  • Click in the Add a Skype TX Unit to control entry field and enter the target machine name or its IP address.
Hint: When running Skype TX on a local TalkShow unit, you can simply enter “localhost” as shown.

  • Then click the + button at right. A new column will appear in the Channel pane.
Skype TX will connect to the target TalkShow unit, and list the available channels (that is, those not already claimed by another instance of Skype TX).

Note: the Skype TX unit must be on the same network as Skype TX and able to connect to TCP port 8000.
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