What does it take to get into LW plugin development?


@WaveRider : I made for you, there is a zip which contain all header, lib and source code, so it is best to unzip in C:\ drive and in brushwave folder there is a project SLN for Visual studio 2017 64 Bit (Only "Release" mode)... All you need is to compile, copy brushwave.p, paste in another folder and test for your Lightwave 2015 :)

Link for your Visual Studio 2017 community : Lightwave 2015 SDK

Happy programming !
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I realized that the plugin does not work because I have not tested it honestly ... Sorry but I believe that these source codes are programmed in Lightwave 9 SDK : /
But otherwise his brushwave plugin on his site works well on Lightwave 2015 that's what's weird ... I did too quickly to make the Visual Stuio 2017 without verifying that it works, again sorry :(

If other programmers to fix this, it will be welcome!


Ok come back, I think other programmers will not fix that so I made myself and fixed all problem and make plugin working(yes it is working now !), recap : All you need is to compile, copy brushwave.p and glew.dll (from glew folder in lib folder you will find it), paste in another folder and test it for your lightwave 2015... Yes now it is tested and working plugin :)

last updated from the headers, libs and sources codes : Lightwave 2015 SDK


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Thanks! I tried to compile but the plugin crashes LW2015-64 as soon as I hit F9. I built on Win7 and had to retarget the Windows SDK version to 10.0.17763.0. Here's what I got...


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