What CG-Specific Improvement Recommendations Do You Have?


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I wonder why it was abandoned. The new interface is very awkward. It's the one aspect of working with the VT that sucks the joy out of editing for me. I try to avoid adding text to a project if I can get away with it.
I have the suspicion that your sentiment relative to the CG in the Windows builds of VT isn't unique to you.

Hmmmm. I'm wondering -- if folk were preparing to create a recommendation to NewTek, specifically targeting the CG, which areas seem to be causing the most pain for most users, and what suggestions they have for improvement.

For starters, I'd suggest...
beautiful looking scrolls (I'd imagine some interpolation might help?)
beautifully defined text edges
easily use symbols inline with text
(add your suggestions here)
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Just started using speededit from vt3. Cg is incredibly awkward compared to vt3. What happened to Save or Save as? Now you have to copy it to a file bin, while holding the control key. I had to search the internet to find that out, and even though I have done that, my timeline still shows red around the title as if it's not there. I look in the bin and there's a question mark. Obviously I'm missing something, so I will continue to search for answers. Incredibly frustrating when logic would be the ability to click on a save button. Please replace the option for save and save as, and humor me with the logic behind deleting this from the software. I really am curious.
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