What are Tricaster Operators and Live Text job rates?


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What is the going rate for TD's and Live Text operators?

Do you pay hourly, per gig, etc.

I have all the gear, just need operators for bigger gigs.

Thanks in advance.


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Depends on the gig mostly.

I have seen 450-1000 per 10 hr day for TC TD position.

Gfx ops -250 on the low side up to 450-500 for a designer operator.

Hard to say but those are "normal" day rates I have seen paid out.


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My rate is 500-1000/day. Varies depending on location/event. I pay graphics op 250-350/day and replay op 250-350/day also.


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Any changes in rates over the past 3-4 years for you guys?

How about an audio guy?
Production Assistants?
Camera Op?

Curious what everyone is paying out there in production land.
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