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Was experimenting with a newish character and discovered this:

The first from a baked OBJ import, the second from FBX.

Baked Oda May from OBJ.jpg
Baked Oda May from OBJ.jpg Oda May from FBX.jpg
Both very nice characters, but a bit of a "Huh?" when your expecting the one with a lot more mileage.

Turns out a good deal of my DAZ character library has an HD component I wasn't really aware of. Unfortunately, you can't export all that detail out as an FBX. And maybe just as well. Exported as a baked OBJ, I get oodles of detail, but loose all goodies such as morphs & wt. mapping. And a bit of ballooning up of the mesh, from a bit over 16K to just under 4M faces. Looks great as long as ya don't wish to deform or wt. map it. In short, just too much on a laptop; maybe when I get back to more horsepower but have doubts. Not particularly practical in any case.

Even so, how is this being done in Daz & is there an equivalent technique in LW?

Ironically, I happened across an RH tutorial that was specific to the Skin material. Converting from Iray to PBR is somewhat like translating from Swedish to Zuccini with no Rosetta stone. Fortunately, there were enough similarities & even with RH's rapid fire presentation, I was able to pick though & adapt accordingly. There are only two maps used in the material, the rest is procedural & balancing values.


Curmudgeon in Training
Thanks Tim. Some are more friendly to converting that others for some reason. Ray recursion limits are sometimes a factor too.

I don't know the details, but the tools for working with the HD elements of Daz are reserved for just the indentured servants it seems. The unwashed but paying masses aren't allowed access. Sounds like a challenge.

The hair elements fortunately don't need those, they're just quad ribbons. They should work wonderfully with Syflex too from what I gather. I've an idea to test for converting their dForce hair too.
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