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Now that NewTek has provided VT[3] ToasterScript as a free download it is only natural to provide a distinct community for developers and coders a place to hang and chat about issues with each other and with NewTek.

So, come in, ask questions and hopefully we can help you create efficient and productive scripts.


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pretty exciting!

I am even more "ToasterScript challenged" than I am an Aura idiot, but I am looking forward to seeing what cool stuff gets discussed on this board (in additiong to what's underway already).

It's like the re-birth of ARexx and the Amiga Toaster/Flyer.



'the write stuff'
OK, Aussie's here - this has definitely just become the coolest place to 'hang' ...

Gee I wish I had time to get into TScript ... soon, soon...
(AREXX ... sigh.)


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ya with Aussie on board we can look like we know what we're doing... when he gives us all the answers :)
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