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Hi all,

I am new to NEWTEK. I really like the "Wedding and Event Pak", but I don't know if it works for Premiere Pro 2.0 that I am working on. I greatly appreciate your input.


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Just make sure you render out your scene as a video file that is compatible with Premiere and you should be OK.

DV AVI type 1 or 2 is the most common and just about any PC and any editing program should be able to take them in. They are also at a main-stay quality of regular NTSC (29.97 FPS, 720x486 resolution).

Tony's right though, they're two different programs, but the sum of all things from LightWave will be compatible with Premiere, although it's not like you can take any 3D objects or scenes directly into Premiere that I know of. If you can, then that's an issue with Adobe.

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The wedding and event ammo pack is an add on to the 3D Arsenal product.

You need 3DArsenal to really use it effectivly if you don't know and own LightWave.

Check out the new 3D Arsenal website

It shows you how everything fits together

3D Arsenal and the Wedding Event Ammo Pack work perfectly with Premiere and every other NLE on Mac or Windows.

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