WEB BASED Meeting is online NOW! (Noon - 3pm) The Lightwave UG


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Join us for RIGHT NOW for some of the best artists in the Lightwave 3D Community. Watch Online as they share their tricks of the trade and wisdom with you.
Please remember to register for the event at http://lightwave.eventbrite.com/.

Our next LightWave Users' Meeting is TODAY, Saturday, August 24th from Noon – 3pm PST.

Don’t forget that our new website is http://www.lightwaveusers.com. Go there to find more details on this and other meetings.

This meeting is virtual, free and ONLINE! Login at http://experts.adobeconnect.com/lightwave.
Log in as "guest", then use your full name so that we can identify you.

We have two great presenters.

1. "What's New in Lightwave 11.6" by Kelly "Kat" Myers

2. "How to Mix Automation Controls and Constraints with Manual Keying" by Ryan Roye

Please get signed up today. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Thank You,

Stephen M. Burns
Adobe Freelance Professional
Adobe Community Professional
Phone: 760 436-9921
Cell: 901 494-0553
[email protected]

agh, just missed it

will it be uploaded...?

Ryan Roye


agh, just missed it

will it be uploaded...?

Yep! Usually it gets posted on the site a day or so after the presentation and you'll be able to watch it like a streaming video.

EDIT: both videos are posted on the website.
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