WASP3D Soccer Application


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WASP3D Soccer Application for TriCaster Users

Greetings users!
We take this opportunity to introduce WASP3D Soccer application.
This application demonstrates how a user can create a custom application to trigger real-time soccer graphics using WASP3D Sting Server. This provides users to have an end to end work flow solution utilizing TriCaster and WASP3D functionalities. WASP3D uses the NDI protocol and transmits the WASP graphics directly to TriCaster in realtime.

To know more, please visit the WASP3D Forum.

The source code, graphics, and docs are posted on the GIT hub and can be found at this link : https://github.com/WASP3D/Soccer-App

The intention is to update users who are currently using/evaluating TriCaster and want to have powerful 3D graphics as a layer. Please register and download the freely available WASP3D Community version to run the graphics and evaluate the application.

Video Links:
Head To Head http://vimeo.com/161729530
Team Line Up http://vimeo.com/161729815
Team Line Up Players http://vimeo.com/161729810
Match Stats http://vimeo.com/161729805
Match Schedule http://vimeo.com/161729802
Score Band http://vimeo.com/161729799
League Table http://vimeo.com/161729799
Field Formation http://vimeo.com/161729786

For any further information and request for a demo of WASP3D please follow this link : http://wasp3d.com/ask-for-demo.html
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