WANTED - VT[2] Daughter Card


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I've been trying to resurrect my old Video Toaster system to complete some conversion projects for family members of old VHS tapes and Mini DV tapes to something they can easily view today. I was able to get the old system running and it has a 1394 Firewire card so I can pull in the DV video using Speed Edit!

I always wanted to mess around with the switcher more (I bought the VT card and never bought the switcher as I couldn't justify the cost back then) and found a reasonable priced SX-8 on ebay. Anyway, as these system were being sold off, it seems no one ever puts the daughter card and related components back in the original package!

Does anyone by chance happen to have the following components laying around that they are willing to part with?

Video Toaster [2] Daughter Card
Bridgeboard Connector
Video input ribbon cable (for VT5 connection I believe)

If you are willing to part with the whole VT[2] card and the above components... that would work as well! (can never hurt to have a spare :) ).

If you do, please let me know and how much you want for them.

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