wanted A4000T or complete mobo


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Hi all.
I buy a videotoaster/flyer combo and need buy amiga 4000T or motherboards and childs.
Prefer motherboard due to the high shipping cost to Europe.


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Iphone doesn't multitask, but i would agree that even an simple mp3 players will out perform an A4000, but to me it more fun to use an amiga, and for that matter, i did spent alot of money on my A4000T to get him 128 meg of ram and 3 50 gig scsi drives to get started on the toaster/flyer combo i grab from ebay...

Why, because i always dream to own one of these since l saw what it can do. Of course it won't do hd, but still some fun projects l've got in mind for this.



The Video Toaster on the Amiga still works..just because it's not as fast as todays computers doesnt make it less able to do what it does. BTW...your iPhone cant edit video and audio and..well most of the things the Toaster was made for and still does...lol
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