Walk the Red Carpet to see the Future of Video Production

Paul Lara

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The NewTek Red Carpet Tour is coming to almost 50 cities and five countries beginning January 22, 2008

NewTek TriCaster is opening up the world of portable live production, and now you have an opportunity to see TriCaster in action in a city near you. NewTek invites you to The Red Carpet Tour, where you’ll see for yourself the future of live video production, and how easy it is to deliver multi-cam live production, and real-time Internet streaming.

You will also see how your video editing can become more efficient with SpeedEDIT™ and its blazingly fast workflow. And, learn how to improve your 3D graphics for video with 3D Arsenal™, using a library of more than 750 scenes and more than one hour of interactive training.

To register for the location nearest you and to receive your free Red Carpet Tour t-shirt visit:


New member
Hmmm where is Boston to sign up?

I noticed Boston being on the list of cities with a date even.
But when i go to the register screen its absent.

Paul Lara

It's ALL about the light
stargatesg1 said:
... when i go to the register screen [Boston is] absent.

On the right side of the BOSTON header, click the link that says register.
You will be registered for that event.
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