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can anyone give me an example for using the WaitForDSKToFinish()? also, i'm trying to preform an action that will take place a second before the a clip ends. i know that theres a way to do it using the GetLength - 1sec. i just can't seem to get it work...


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I don't see a WaitForDSKToFinish() in the docs. Are you referring to WaitForAutoToFinish()?

The DDRs are troublesome for trying to do timed actions. My first reaction would be to make a special "play" button that would remember how long the clip is and trigger your action at the right time. Or what I would want to do is to poll the DDR at a given interval to see if the clip is approaching its last second, but the DDRs don't work with timers. So, either method doesn't work as a DDR option.

What you might be able to do is run it from the Switcher or the CG. I know the CG works with timers, but I've never tried it with the Switcher. I'm guessing that you want to perform a switcher action anyway, so that might be a place to start. Using FindModule you could ask the DDR GetPosition() and compare it to the GetLength() value. Once it gets below 1 second you could trigger the action. Accuracy would depend on how often you could poll the DDR without it bogging everything down, but it might work.

I wrote a three DDR control program years ago for VT[2] by using mixture of script and C language. I don't remember the detail procedures I used at the that project. Maybe I can find them after I back to office next week.

Kris is right. I remember I was using GetSpeed() or GetPosition() from the DDR module with a wait loop to do the job with VT[2] because WaitForAutoToFinish() seem not reliable at that time. VT[4]/[5] should work with WaitForAutoToFinish(). You need to use FindModule() to make sure you give the scripts to the right modules.

If you still can not make it work, I can help after I back to office next wendsday. I need your show flow to make the script procedure work for you.
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