w3d export freeze


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I have a model that i would like to send to director, however, when i attempt to export it, the program freezes and begins overwhelming my system resources. I've tried it on several different computers with the same result, and I've tried disabling all options in the exporter with no luck. other files work fine, but ive never been able to export this one. Help?
How big is the file? Whats the poly count? How many layers are there? Whats in the scene?

Would probably be easier if you could post screenshots or explain this. Either that if you can post up the scene or object and I will have a look.


very low poly no layers...i had objects parented to some bones, and when i unparented them it worked properly :) i think that was the problem
Yeah, you can't parent anything to bones. Basically bones don't really exist in shockwave.

If you need something animated that has been parented to a bone likfe for example a character walk with a gun in the hand I would bake them both individually then export.
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