VT5 trouble


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Been running VT5 for a long time. Just had this happen and don't know what I did to cause it. I went to transfer information from my
Canon XH A1s using the 'capture from DV/HDV tape' panel and it will only capture in m2t format and the 'Auto Chop' feature is greyed out in with a 'check mark'.
Interestingly enough.. if I don't have the camera hooked up the 'Auto Chop' feature is switchable, but as soon as I hook up the camera, without tape running, it immediately greys out.
To the best of my knowledge I have not changed any settings on the camera that would 'make' it do anything different.
Any ideas??


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If my memory serves me correctly, AutoChop is only available on DV capture, not M2t.
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