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Ray Van Sickler

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I downloaded the VT5 upgrades. I installed VT5.2b over my VT4 which seemed successful. I then tried to install VT5.3 over 5.2b but a popup came up "Please install a previous version of VT5. I clicked OK but nothing happened. The VT5.3 download was 446MB
Please advise me on how to get VT5.3 installed.
Ray Van Sickler
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Scott Bates

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I installed VT5.2b over my VT4
Unless something's changed, anytime we go from one full version to another (ie VT4 to VT5) we have to uninstall the last version, VT4 in this case, and then install the newer version, VT5, from the original disc(s). From there you then install the VT5 updates on top of the origianal full version. Once the original VT5 is installed you can go directly to VT5.3 without going through the other VT5 updates.
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