Vt4 now with playbox's TitleBox CG support?


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Vt4 now with playbox's TitleBox CG...a replacement for vtcg?

Just spotted this on www.playbox.tv site (automation software Co):

04-July-2005: NewTek Video Toaster Support
Great news for Video Toaster users worldwide: we have ported our TitleBox to work on VT platform, providing vivid graphics on this popular hardware. Video Toaster users who are not satisfied with the integrated VT[4] titler can now upgrade their workstations with the TitleBox full-blown graphics engine – true color graphics with alpha channel, unlimited object layering, crawls, rolls, animations, digital and analogue clocks, banners, media files, etc. Download and install your TitleBox Demo today to see your Video Toaster outperform a lot of established broadcast graphics platforms at a fraction of their cost

Anybody know more from the Vt end?

Stand alone, Titlebox is a great CG, with the airbox playout software is fantastic for Budget Channels. One of the things putting us of commiting to a VT4 is the CG (and lack of fill&key in to replace the poor CG)
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PlayBox is awesome software - It has world wide penetration - except in the USA - I see they are looking for dealers in the USA.
There is no cheaper way to set up a TV channel- 100%MPEG2 or DV or HD.


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Anyone know if TitleBox CG has 16:9 support?

That's a glarring omission in VT[4] and TriCaster for me.
It says for HD so it probably does do 16:9

» High - Definition titling made affordable
TitleBox with its aggressive pricing and its unprecedented cost-effective HD platform support allows HD titling to be used not only by high-end facilities. It makes possible HD screen to be used for its titling output.

PAL 720 x 576
NTSC 720 x 480
HD 1920 x 1080
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Hello! I have a question: I want to display a text as a crawl, and change the color of ONLY SPECIFIC words within. Can I do it?
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