VT Flyer - hidden screen revealed? Flyer TBC Control


Hello? Helloooooo...? Just checking to see if anyone is here.

I've been building up a VTFlyer in an Amiga 4000 over the past year and finally got it running fine on all SDcards for media (HQ5 easily achieved). It's really just for fun, nastalgia, and creating Toaster video in the style of the mid 90's. Plus, I always wanted one. :)

While playing around with the keyboard shortcuts, I came across a new screen called Flyer TBC Control. The switches all seem active, but I haven't seen any change in state as make changes. Plus, I can only get to it by placing an Effect Crouton into a project, holding down Control and Left Amiga, and then double clicking the crouton. See attached image:


Any insight into this? I seem to remember the idea that the Flyer might one day have a TBC, so what this part of it? Is it active and are there any other hidden/secret control screens like this? Would love to know more!



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Hi MediaSig/Greg,

Can you tell me how you got SD cards to work with the flyer at HQ5 quality? I've tried SCSI2SDv5 and v6, but was unable to get it to write faster than 3-3.5 mbs. And have been looking for a way to have digital drives on the flyer, but have yet to find an exceptable solution so any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!


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Greg nice find, the TBC never came out but the world switched to digital sources so it's need was no longer necessary for the most part.
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