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I posted this in another forum, but it might be applicable here. I have grown accustomed to the tools that come with the editor in our VT4 system. I've seen a lot of reference to the Tricaster being able to handle video editing, but no real details about what to expect. I've posted my previous message below. Perhaps someone here can enlighten me?


Ok, I've tried to research, and maybe I'm just looking in the wrong sections. But the Tricaster models claim to come with some sort of video editor. How does the editor compare to a VT4 (the system we currently use)?

I've become accustomed to the NT25 format for digitizing. Does the Tricaster use this codec? How does mpg2 compare in quality and size?

Does the Tricaster allow for A/B roll editing in post? For example, can I use something like Bobs Multicam with a Tricaster?

Is there a way to add on a DVD burner so I can convert and author DVDs from my Tricaster?

But most importantly, how comparable is the Tricaster's ability to edit video when comparing to a VT4 system? Does it have the same features? Similar FX? What is the timeline editor like? Is there a video online that demonstrates this part of the Tricaster?

Thanks a lot for any help you can offer. I've been using NewTek stuff since 1.0 Toaster on the Amiga. I'm very interested in this product, but am concerned about the video editor since I have been unable to find substantial reference to it.
You'll be acclimated to TriCaster editing at once. TriCaster editing is based on the SpeedEDIT engine, though are several visual differences in the TriCaster:

- Either Timeline OR Storyboard view is available, instead of the dual-pane view in SpeedEDIT-VT (though you can easily toggle to see the other)
- There are no spline controls
- The Control Tree has fewer advanced options
- There is no button to reverse clip playback
- some other, smaller differences as well

Hope this helps,
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