vt 5.2b mouse focus issue


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so i finally made the plunge to the vt5 world a few weeks ago after doing a fresh install of windows.

now i have a weird problem with mouse focus. if another program (windows explorer, firefox, anything) takes the focus away from vt, there is about a 7 second delay between when i click back onto vt and when it actually responds. (i.e. if i'm doing something else and i click back to vt to change something real fast, i have to wait 7 sec. or so before it does something.)
once the focus is back to vt, everything is fine. also, video and audio continue without anomaly and i can control things with the RS-8 the entire time.

this is a potential for very bad things to happen during a live switch because we run our song lyrics on the VT machine (for keying purposes) so i've been VERY careful to pre-set as much as possible and I have scaled back some of the extras that I do.

has anyone seen or heard of this issue before? i have no idea where to start troubleshooting this.

relevant specs:
Nvidia Quattro NVS 440 (w/ most recent driver)
XP SP3 (hope this isn't the problem)
Gigabyte GA-9itdw
2 Xeon Nocona 2.8's
2 GB Registered Gigaram (i think?)

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Wondering if everyone with the delay issue is using an nvidia Quadro line of card?


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Wondering if everyone with the delay issue is using an nvidia Quadro line of card?

I actually had the delay using two different graphic cards. One was ATI and the other was a Nvidia. So it seems that the graphic card chipset is not the cause.


We've got it simple.
ehhh... Worth a shot.

Quadros do (or at least did) give VTs a hard time. You can find quite a few posts from dealers and users warning against them. Haven't really seen any in a while but just threw it out there.
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