VT 5.2 Proc Amps Don't Work


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Hey is anyone else having a problem with the proc amp modules after the 5.2 upgrade? 2 problems I have noticed...1 proc amps do not remember assigned inputs after exiting toaster..2 proc amps don't work. What does seem to work is the proc amp tab on the switcher module...but not the individual proc amps.


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Proc Amp Issues

I'm having the same problem. I have to reInstall the update in order to keep VT from crashing when I try to open a Proc Amp or Click on the Proc Amp tab in the switcher.

I called support about this and they said they haven't heard of anyone else having this problem. Glad I'm not alone, but it needs to be addressed. This is a real pain!:stumped:


After seeing this post, I checked my system. I, too, am having the same problems described by JohnLacko of the proc amps not working properly. The only proc amp that works is on the switcher tab, the individual proc amps don't work or remember settings upon exit, and I also had one crash.


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Same proc amp problem here too

The only solution I could find for now, load the number of proc amps needed then use the "track preview" to assign the input to the proc amp, then deselect it so it will retain the correct input. Now when you adjust each proc amp it will not adjust all of the rest.


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i talked to tech support the day after 5.2 was released about the inputs not saving, and she was able to reproduce it.
i have found that switching the input a couple times will cause it to work properly - at least until the next restart.

I called support about this and they said they haven't heard of anyone else having this problem. Glad I'm not alone, but it needs to be addressed. This is a real pain!:stumped:

i assume you are talking about the crashing rather than the inputs issue?
i ended up switching the inputs too many times i think, the proc amp ended up being stuck on '0' for all the dials. after that, when i restarted vt it would crash on opening a proc amp window. a reinstall (and settings reset) fixed the crashing at least, but the inputs still dont work right.


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I am also having major problems getting the proc amps working.
If i restart the computer and toaster several times sometimes I can get a proc amp to work. Once again I asked NewTek to put me as a beta tester and they ignored me. This is another major bug that I caught the first day I used it.
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We have also started seeing this, I had to reinstall the Update 5.2b to get Procamps to workk. Now VT does not close cleanly. I too will also inform Tech support.
When will we see 5.2c I wonder.


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I have had problems with not closing cleanly since the first time I tried to close VT5.2. I can't believe anyone couldn't see this problem. I keep giving NewTek every chance I can but each rebuild they dissapoint me even more. I can imagine how their customer base must be dropping. I don't believe they do any Beta testing. I think the Beta test statement is just a stall. I have never seen such a collection of bugs and flaws in any program. I can't believe Tim Jenneson has anything to do with the company at all. He never used to let this kind of problemgo through.


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Since we use the vt5 for live switching, not having the proc amps is a bad thing. We tried the auto calibrate, made it worse. Finally I took the system back to the original vt5 upgrade before 5.2. Very bad experience. that was the only thing that helped.


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I have been disgusted and fed up with NewTek for 3 years to have pretended to do anything after having us pay for the upgrade and do nothing in all that time. They have been aware of many worse problems than just the proc amps and not closing properly since I complained and got them to reproduce a lot of problems a year and a half ago. I think NewTek is no longer interested in fixing anything. They have joined the ranks of ignore your customer base and just come out with newer toys that almost work. I would think Paul would be tired of loosing loyal customers by now. I don't even expect NewTek to fix anything an ymore. I have never been let down by anyone this bad. What is the matter with them?


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Scorpio, you seem like a nice guy. I don't want to offend you. YES! YES! AND EVERY TIME YOU ASK THE SAME THING, YES I HAVE TALKED TO THEM UNTIL I AM SICK OF TALKING TO THEM! I am fed up with nieve optomestic people who are content to wait til we are all out of business to then say again HAVE YOU TALKED TO TECH SUPPORT! I sometimes felt like I was married to her. HELP US GET THEM TO FIX THE PROBLEMS. MAYBE THEY NEED MORE BOMBARDMENT.


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Oh, I understand. I was only asking since I thought I remembered a different thread mentioning the proc amp issue that had some info from Newtek tech support in it.

In fact, here it is:


Andrew said they were working on a solution as of two months ago, so I think you may want to e-mail him directly about it at this point.

Back when I read that thread in the beginning of February, I sent it on to Andrew and he told me he hadn't heard of the issue at that point, showing how forum posting doesn't get stuff to Newtek tech support.

As for "nieve optomestic" people, just look at any of my SpeedEDIT feature request threads, you'll find that's not me. :hey:


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NewTek for 3 years <<< >>>> GET THEM TO FIX THE PROBLEMS.
Where is the disconnect. What are they telling you indirectly by these actions?
Steve I have read about your frustrations for quite some time and have to scratch my head. Your a great guy but I think you have been answered. >>>>I HAVE TALKED TO THEM UNTIL I AM SICK OF TALKING>>>>>> If you want to email me about what you are looking for maybe I can help Maybe not.


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Sorry you got stuck in the middle of my frustrations Eugene. My frustrations were aimed at NewTek's inability to fix anything in SpeedEditVT. It makes me believe they do no research but only purchase existing modules to assemble for editing programs. Does anyone believe that if they designed the system it should be 3 years with no repairs done to the multitude of flaws and problems that exist. How do dealers tell potential buyers that the VT has a multitude of problems that have been discussed for years but have never fixed them, or can't fix them. But, we want you to buy one anyway. They can't be that stupid.


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Does anyone believe that if they designed the system it should be 3 years with no repairs done to the multitude of flaws and problems that exist.
Not to disagree that there is a problem with the Proc Amps in the current release version, but it can hardly be said honestly that there have been "3 years with no repairs". Also, the Proc Amps are not anything to do with SE-VT, which you also discuss.

Actually, the proc amp issue just arose with the most recent patch, which was posted on October first. This update addressed a number of bugs, nor was it the first VT[5] update. VT[5] itself - and hence SE-VT - actually only shipped on Oct. 31st, 2007, less than 18 months ago, and in that time there have been at least two updates.

I understand you are frustrated, but some of your 'facts' are in error.

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Proc amp Not working

My Proc Amp is not working Also . It is a problem corecting my cameras. I enjoy newtek products . But they are letting alot of alot of people down. I agree they are more concerned with the tricaster more than the vt 5 users. We are the bastard child of their demise. As scotty from the little rascals always said Thell never learn. TJ
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