VT[4] on Win7 (even 64-bit): It works! (but don't do it)

Kevin Brice

VT[2] Aficionado
I should start out by saying don't do this if you care about VT[4] being stable. I've barely tested it, and autoconfig crashes. It also requires a copy of the NewTekSD installer from VT[5], which sort of negates the purpose for most people. Certainly don't bother NewTek Support if you run into problems. With that out of the way:

For unknown reasons, I tried to get my copy of VT[4] running in a dual-boot setup with my VT[5] install. My current graphics card doesn't work in XP, so that left me with trying 7 32-bit. A straight installation caused the system to hang at boot, so I played around some more and ended up with this solution.

  1. Choose a custom install of VT[4], unchecking the driver option. Reboot when prompted. If you get asked by Windows about installing a driver, see the next step.
  2. Run the VT[4.6] upgrader. It'll ignore that you chose not to install the VT card's driver and try installing it anyway. When Windows asks if you really want to install the driver, say NO and don't reboot. Open an elevated Command Prompt and run \VT4\Drivers\vtuninstall.exe to clean up the remnants, then reboot.
  3. Run the NewTekSD installer and reboot when prompted. Both the RTM version from VT[5] and the version provided with 5.3 appear to work, but only the 5.3 version lets you run VT as a limited user.

That should land you with a mostly-functional install of VT[4] on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. In my limited testing, the only issue I've found so far is autoconf crashing when trying to scan for decks connected to the SX-84.

Good luck if you feel like trying this! (But again, don't. :devil:)
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