VT[2] instalation problems


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Hi there,

Today I installed VT2 on XP for first time (I have the Toaster XP CD). The installation paused a moment just to send a message about drivers, besides this the installation finished apparently normal but the program crashed when starting, I reinstalled several times and the problem remains. I need to unistall the software because at the moment to start a sesion Windows has many complains. Any ideas of what is wrong?

BTW, I have a DELL Precision 340 P4 with an external disc array.

Felipe Esquivel.

Dan Hong

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Make sure your monitor settings are correct. True color. If they're set to 16 bit color I've had the system crash.


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Toaster Problems instalation

Hi Felipe, wich message appears when the toaster start up crashes, did you update the core ver. at the VT?


Blaine Holm

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Although not what I would call 'normal', this is not actually a problem, and can be fixed easily.

Let the crashing stop (takes a couple of minutes, it will stop)

Go into Device Manager, the Toaster will have a "!" next to it.

Update the driver, which can be found in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS

and it is called vtoaster.sys

then the crashing will stop.


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Blaine: Thank you for your help but doesn't work.

Here is a description of the installation process:

The installation begins and at certain point a message window appears


Everytime I want to log in to my account many programs start crashing and I need to decide accept or decline to send information to Microsoft, this happen like 20 times. This problem is solved uninstalling the Toaster.

After running the Auto Configure and starting the Toaster another message window appears:

Microsoft Viual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!Program: c:\VideoToaster.exe
abnormal program termination


The device manager indicate there is no problem with the Toaster and I can't update the device driver. I don't have much free time and patience to deal with this problem. I don't have time also to do a clean OS installation, I hope there is a solution or all I can say I lost 50 bucks when buying the XP CD.

Felipe Esquivel
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This is the message from vtcoreupdate:

Contains Vlad Cores 0x0118, 0x012d, 0x0130, and 0x0150
err: NewtekRTME.sys Device Driver Not available
Either the Video Toaster hardware or its device driver
are not properly installed on this computer
Closing in four seconds:....


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Felipe, by my experience when the "C++" appear it indacates problems with the hw, and the message of device not properly intalled indicates some problems on it.
Check that the card is well inserted into the slot and do no put it in the next slot of the video card, try any other.


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another thing you may try is to disable the multimedia controller device in windows device manager, to avoid getting the device driver calls to the toaster from the windows management level.


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Problem solved

Well, I just moved the Toaster from slot and reinserted, updated the driver missing and the problem was solved. Gracias Victor, thanks Blaine, thanks all.


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BTW, if you want to disable the Microsoft error reporting:
go to control panel/ system. click on the advance tab, then on the error reporting button. disable away!


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There's other problem/feature. I have Visual Studio installed on the same machine and sometimes when programs end unexpectedly the system ask me if I want to debug the application. Thanks, he notification is disabled now.
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