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Our operation is in the process of deploying Zoom to all of our users. I know that the VS4000 is billed as a Skype appliance, however, as many of our users are now starting to use Zoom on a regular basis, I was wondering if it might be possible to set up a "Premium Access" subscription for that device as well. Newtek would (for a subscription cost) allow the VS4000 to work with web video conference systems (like Zoom) and provide similar integration.



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I'm not speaking if can or cannot happen on behalf of NewTek, but that the VS4000 was built in cooperation with Microsoft where a special version of Skype was developed for making a device like the TalkShow possible. Building the same thing to work with a different VOIP service takes more than 'NewTek wants to do it', Zoom (or Apple in the case for Facetime) would need to have a interest as well and be willing to help, as they control the VOIP system.

I'd ask you to push on Zoom to add NDI support to their computer application (which I have recommend to other Zoom users), like Microsoft has done with the desktop Skype client. The software NDI SDK is free.

It is possible to use NDI Virtual Camera and NDI Scan Converter with Zoom to get it connected to a production today. It is one 'caller' per computer in this case. This is where Zoom would need to come to the table if a multi-user version was to be developed, it couldn't be done without their assistance.
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