VS4000 Recordings Not Working


I've been doing 1-2 local recordings on my VS4000 as backups in case my TriCaster Input recordings have issues.

This is the first time I've needed to use one and I can't get it to play or work anywhere. I've tried VLC, Premiere Pro and moving all four of the recording files to my TriCaster to see if it will play in a DDR so I can export it.

No luck.

I record to a fairly new WD 3TB USB disk.

I know they used to work so it's possible that the last VS4000 update is causing the issue.

Anyone else experience this problem or has anyone else been able to successfully use a local VS4000 recording?

Trying to play the file in the TC is causing hundreds of exception errors so I'm going to submit a fogbugz report.

They are recorded in SGQ2 format and need to be converted to whatever flavor you want. Adobe Media Encoder can do it. Download the SHQ codecs from NewTek, install them and then recode.
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