VS4000 Loosing video quality


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I have a VS4000 running the most current software across the board (all updates applied).

When connecting to all four channels, each start at 1920x1080 but then after 10-15 minutes, each channel slowly looses resolution over time.I have to reconnect with each channel at least 5-10 times to keep the resolution up.
I typically connect with the remotes about an hour before we go live, and the show is about an hour as well= 2hr connection time.

The VS4000's speed test is about 150Mbps up/down and each location I connect to averages about 20-60Mbps up/down.

Any thoughts on how to keep the video resolution up?


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It looks like it is a CPU issue. When I have all four channels up and connected, the CPU hits 107% (how is that even possible).
Looking to send into the shop to see if it's a hardware or software issue.

Hope this helps others.
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