Vray for Lightwave


Many people don't, including all those using LightWave in productions such as Iron Sky and Terra Nova (which could have gone Vray, but didn't because the LightWave renders were preferred - true story).

And I agree lightwave have better shaders for organics. V Ray characters looks a bit " plastic ".

Anyway, Vray does a big difference when interior lightning is required and I've not seen beautier and realistic architech/cars renders equal or better than Vray ones.

Sad they're not interested in Lightwave actually. Hope Kray grow more and more.
well, i heard good stuff about Kray 3 for animation, let's see...
lots of Vray renders for film are just washed out though, to render faster. cheating.
(strange people haven't commented on that actually, hey it's Vray, it must be good...)

too bad there's no real comparisons.

but yeah, many good points on what's good about Vray earlier in this thread.
hope NT takes a note.

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again, an interesting Kray vs Vray test... posted before.
and http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?t=126386

so it's not about quality, but rather a question about number of users and render speed.
(there's some info on the Kray forums on Kray vs Vray speed btw)

anyway, been discussed before.
maybe i'll make a sum-up of what i've found so far, but to put it short, my conclusion so far, if Vray isn't faster than Kray, then i can't the drama...

there is the "because everybody else use it" argument,
but then you'd also have to add the cost into the bill...

am i right so far?...
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Erikals kray users don't really use kray for animation or non-photoreal renders. Its better to compare lw renderer and vray renderer. They are both used for general purpose.
Please show us what projects you do first because I don't see any work from you do you even want/need vray, kray, etc? Have you even tested or used them thoroughly? Hard to base opinion on hearsay.

But first thing is price. Vray is not cheap when lw itself is cheap and number one reason people are staying in lw is because of basic initial cost, unless you add the numerous plugins, mocap motionbuilder, etc. So I've also come to realize vray for lw is not feasable.


to be quite honest I think what matters is the artist and not the tools. They have a part, yes but in the end the artist is what matters. I work with 20 people using vray (and I use it too in a daily basis) and I honestly think that LW render is up there with vray. I am using 3dsmax with vray only because of the pass manager we use.
thats a bit trivial imo
the tool dont make the artist .... obvious...but the artist usually tend to use the better tools ...the tools that can enhance his skills
segovia did play a very good guitar even if wasnt segovia because of the guitar
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giacob, I know that better tools help you get better results.
I am just bored of having people complaining about lw's render. It's good to have other options, but people are always asking for other render engines because lw's isn't good enough. I still know of pipelines where maya or xsi are used to animate and then things are exported to lw to render. So it can't be that bad hey?

Gregg "T.Rex"

I would love to see VRay for LightWave one day...

VRay was the reason i started using 3dsMax a year ago, after 15 years of sole LightWave renderings...

For those unfamiliar, rest assured; VRay is so much more advanced than LightWave's native renderer, it's not a joke!

And i'm not talking about quality; LW can achieve equal quality given the time and the right user. I'm talking about the features, that make the rendering procedure a painless walk in the park.

You'll get exactly what you want to achieve. Easily, with no workarounds, no cheats, no wild guessing, no compromising.
And you'll get there fast. And i mean FAST; days faster than LW, or any other well establish renderer out there, at the same or similar quality.
Did i mention it's fast?

Of course, there's a steep price to pay for it, cause you need 3dsMax/Maya/etc first -or LW if it was available for-, then you need a VRay license; that's where LightWave shines of course, along with a overall great rendering engine...

But, aside costs, feature wise is not fair for LightWave to compare it with VRay; it's like racing a BMW Z4 against a Bugatti Veyron; both great cars, both roadsters, but not in par by a long shot, in features and in costs...

So, i would very much like to have VRay inside LightWave, cause there's ALL the other stuff aside the renderer that LightWave excels as well and the two would be a serious killer combo...



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yeah, I don't think anyone here is slamming lightwave. It still is a great deal for the price.

Edit: I just wouldn't want LW to get left behind as these other solutions become more and more affordable.
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ok guys now after news from Chaos Group telling that they are going to open their SDK for 3rd party softwares, will Newtek make an easier way to catch those tools in Lightwave?

and once again about price, blender is free and google sketchup has free version and both work with Vray, so is not about how expensive can be the application, Vray just works.
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Chaos Group have no plans currently from what I understand.

Still no plans for Vray? I see Vray in FormZ, Cinema 4D and Modo, and gaining popularity, while LW is going the opposite direction. Sketchup has become a standard now (thanks to Vray in a great proportion) is now a work requirement for architecture.

I wonder why there are no plans for Lightwave, to talk with Chaosgroup about future plans.

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I have some interesting news... Vray just released a beta version for Unreal Engine beta version, so I joined the beta for both, and in the survey list of other applications used within ChaosGroup website, it shows "LIGHTWAVE" as an option. I really hope this means Newtek is on the scope for future plans at Chaos Group.

Would be nice from Newtek to start a conversation.


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I think LW is probably quite low on their list because of the perceived user base. Maybe this will change but who knows. Also LW has Octane as well.

wouldn't people just use Octane these days?

been doing many animation tests lately, and Octane is definitely the way to go
LightWave is nice for celshading and pure raytracing
Kray is great for interiors

so, Octane for me

Octane 4 with Ai-noisereduction looks nice on the paper and in previews,
hope it works nicely in real-world scenarios also

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In the 2018 CGArchitect survey*, there were 4x more using VrayRT (GPU Vray, 29.6%) than the combined bases of LW (1.4%)+Kray (0.6%)+Octane (5.2%) together. Vray Adv (CPU) had 63.4% of users by itself -- over twice the usage of VrayRT! There were also more experimenting with VrayRT (12%) than the combination of Octane (8.9%), Kray (0.3%), and LW (0.1%) all put together.

Between Vray, VrayRT, and Corona, ChaosGroup basically owns the render engine market, plain and simple. Considering neither Vray nor Corona are native plugins for any GP3D pkgs, that says a LOT. The only other render engine with remotely significant marketshare compared to Vray/VrayRT currently is Corona, and guess what, Corona isn't available for LW either.

So yeah, LW needs Vray and VrayRT, very much so.

Octane's market presence in these surveys is about par with its showing in most other contemporary market data. Probably not wise to bet much on Octane leaping to the market forefront any time soon. It's got a decent niche marketshare, but neither position nor rate of growth place it as a significant competitive threat to ChaosGroup offerings.

*: See here for details. There's a 2016 version around as well.
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i repeat once again .. Octane is -almost- Native LW renderer and it is great and it will be insanely great VERY soon :)))
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