VR Company Looking for Talented 3D Animators !!!


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Hi all, I work for HoneyVR, a virtual-reality content distributor which is looking for talented CG artists to create pre-rendered VR content. We are looking to acquire short pre-rendered (90s - 3mins) animated content which is VR-ready, which basically means rendered as a 360-degree spherical MPEG-4 (2:1 aspect ratio, equirectangular rendering). We're looking for short films but also what we call short 'experiences' -- think short, immersive VR experiences like guiding the user through a high-res galaxy, tagging along with a frog in a rainforest, etc.

We pay $2000 per short film and $500 per ""experience"", plus a royalty of $.01 CPV ($.01 every time your piece is viewed). You can do the work at your own pace and generate good side income, and VR is flat out the most fun medium you will ever design for if you are a 3D artist! :)

Check out our Program Guidelines here for detailed info on the program and I hope to be working with some of you guys soon !


Gen and the HoneyVR Talent Team
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