VPRN node for Virtual Studio tools?


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Just wondering if anyone has developed a VPRN node for the Virtual Studio tools? It would be extremely useful, and I was also wondering how difficult it might be to code?

Thanks in advance!!



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I don't think it would be very difficult to code an input device for Virtual Studio to be honest... But I'm not a programmer.
The guys in my office have coded input for Virtual Reality applications, but because they don't use LightWave, aren't interested in developing for it.

It would be cool to have it out of the box to be honest... But if anyone does develop this, I'd definitely be interested in testing it!


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This does look interesting, though OSC and midi support is what I really want. There's got to be some more people like me out there that wants to control lightwave with midi joysticks and ipads....thousands of options already on the market.
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