VMC1 Updating offline


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I am working in a facility that has three VMC1 units and 10+ NC1 IO units.

I can see that it is possible to download and update NC1 IO devices with a standalone .exe from the support website. However the VMC1 update process seems to require a live online connection to perform any system updates. Is this correct?

I ask as the entire Newtek/NDI plant at this facility is deliberately not connected to the internet for security reasons.

Is there an offline update process for the VMC1 systems as per the NC1 IO hardware.



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The VMC1 systems do not need to be online. Download the 'Dowloader Tool' and choose the 'Download Only' option, then take all of those files to the VMC1 and manually install them. Do be aware that you might need to update the nVidia GPU drivers as well.
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