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I just recently got my VT2 running. My SX-8 board is connected to my computer and as far as I can tell it's hooked up right. My extra floopy connector is hooked up to my SX-8 daughter card and it should be receiving power. However, when I open virtual Bob it says the SX-board is not detected. Have I forgotten something. This is my very first time using VT2.




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Any LEDs lit on the BOB? Probably not. Be suspicious of the cable, VT5. You should also run Newtekrtm twice from a command line. The second time it will give you a bunch of diagnostic info that may include "Analog Daughter Card not found" which would indicate a bad daughter card or bad power connection to it.


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Same problem on my SX-8

newtekrtme recognized SX-8, it says 'Analog Daughter Card 0' as I remember.

The thing is Bob does not recognize SX-8. It was work fine about a week ago which was last time that I used. I called tech support, the guy says 'install win2000 service pack 2', so I did. Still same..

What would be the problem?

Hojoon Chang
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