Video Toaster 2.0 grabbing blank frames; DV1 and DV2 don't work


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I am trying to get an Amiga 2000 to run Video Toaster 2.0 for some experimental video use. This is an Amiga with the branded Video Toaster logo on the box. I am having problems and before I ditch this system for a 4000 or something I would love some guidance from somebody who remembers how to use this thing. I can't seem to find similar problems reported elsewhere.

For one, I can't get Autohue to finish. It always says to to put a video source in input 1 and put the program output to input 4 (which I do) or it says Video Toaster not responding!

However, I can get a DVD player to start up with VT on input 1 (going through a Kitchen Sync TBC). Then what I do is put my DV cam playing a tape to input 2 through the Kitchen Sync. The color on the DV tape is usually off, but it's not a problem considering this is experimental footage. At this point I can do most of the effects and wipes, however nothing involving DV1 or DV2 seems to work.

The intensive digital transitions (like all the ones across the top row, usually) and the cube wipe etc. all glitch out unless I use one of the built-in Video Toaster stills as my other source. This would be fine with me, but the biggest problem is I can't seem to freeze frames! Every time I follow the framegrabbing tutorial to freeze a frame to DV1 or DV2 it just goes black.

I'm sure this is some classic noob problem but I can't seem to find any info on this specifically and I would love some tips that might get this working.

Thanks so much for any help!


It's been so long since I've worked with the Amiga that I can't remember how to do it. If you can't get it to work, my non-profit has an Amiga 2500 with a Video Toaster and TBCs for sale along with two Amiga 4000 computers with Video Toaster Flyers. The 2500 worked great the last time I used it. The 4000s work great but the Flyers need some adjustments.


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Sounds like you've got a couple of problems:
1 - Unable to auto-hue
2 - Sources out of synch

For the first, the two most common problems I ran into with clients not being able to auto-hue were poor cables or poor signal. The video source for input 1 must have very good stability. A blackburst generator or camera is ideal for that. Tape playback for auto-hue usually caused problems. Using consumer video cables also usually caused problems. I built a set of robust 75Ohm cables with BNC connectors and kept it in my toolbox, and often swapping them in place of consumer cables (usually thin cables with RCA jacks using RCA to BNC adapters) made the difference in being able to auto-hue.

For the second problem, it sounds like you've got timing issues. I would expect the signal from the DVD player to be time-stable, but that doesn't mean it is. First thing I'd do is try using a camera as input one, and see what happens.
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