Video Quality Issue VT5


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Up untill just a couple hours ago everything seemed to be working fine, then it started having these lines through all the video signals. The raw video for the cameras come in fine, but once it goes into the VT all the cameras and outputs show up but with weird colored lines through it. I disconnected all the video outputs and inputs one at a time in the back of the SX breakout but the issue never went away. I also restarted the system. and clicked reset configuration but nothing seemed to fix it. I also included a picture i took from my phone to show you the problem.

If you have any idea what it is and if i can fix it. It would be appreciated.


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I left the machine off overnight and when i came back in today everything seemed to be working. Hopefully it doesnt show back up again but ill keep it running for a while and see if the issue pops back up again.


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Sound like it could be a heat issue. I've not touched a VT in quite a while, but have seen something similar years ago.
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