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Yep, still using SE2 and loving it. Bought a new laptop a year ago (to work more remotely) and have not liked the performance.
It has a 32 GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 770M card, plus internal 8GB RAM. You would think this thing would fly, but with SE operation it drags.
Has anyone had this problem and what have they done to fix it (if possible with this setup)?

If my hunch is correct and SE2 and this card are not very compatible, what are the newer cards that work GREAT with SE2? I would invest in a new laptop with a different card if I thought it would give me performance similar to my desktop.

Kevin Brice

VT[2] Aficionado
What kind of slowness are you seeing? Also, what OS? I'm using a Quadro K620 in my desktop that seems to be doing okay, apart from fast scrubs lagging a bit in the output window.


Playback is lagging, whether it's HDMI, VGA or internal video output. Even functionality of moving clips, setting fade points, etc seems to be a second or two pause that is extremely frustrating. Really slows down my edit speed. And of course, the more layers added, the more it slows down.
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