Vervette online realtime fluid painting software, and Verve downloadable versions


didn´t realize that there´s an online version of verve sort of.
ctrl-shift and drag left mouse button to increase brush size or decrease.
make sure fluid speed is high and matter value is high for fluid to work nicely, turn of lighting if you want straight color effects without andy oil depth so to speak...
Vervette Fluid Sandbox v1.6 (

this sample on the downloadable version was just some basic simple test on fluid distortion of an image already rendered in Lightwave, the downloadable version had a different interface like kai modules, I don´t like that though, I prefer the simpler straight on panels in the online version.

More info and download page for verve...
Verve Painter Download (
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If using the online version, see UI here, this is how it looks like in your broswer if you enable fullscreen..

Vervette online UI.jpg

And why not try some experimental fluid textures, representing a gas planet, you have to be steady on your hand when drawing the strokes though, and more complex stuff could of course be drawn, the fun part is seeing how the stroke speed and movement is affecting underlying color layers dynamicly with a fluid motion in realtime.

I processed the image in krita first though, and mapped it to an item shape sphere in Lightwave.

You will only be able to generate still textures, right click and save as png or jpg.
If you want animated stuff, sorry..not with this tool, you would need to animate fractals, or simulate bands of fluids in your favourite fluid generator software and render out animated sequences, like in embergen for instance.



REBORN can record your realtime motions to do some kind of animation, but not the best way perhaps:)
Anyway..with this vid you can see the realtime behavior of the free online fluid painter vervette, just demonstrating some minor motions, not going in to any deeper coverage of it, no narration.

the stop and continue buttons works like this, when continue is on..and the mouse or tablet motion stroke you do..will continue to move the fluids as long as it can, while if you set it to stop, the motion will only go on, until you release your mouse or tablet pressure, as mentioned before, there are some differences between the online version and the downloadable verve version, I can´t find that you could use background images and fluid distort them with the online you can with verve, on the other hand..the
vervette online tool is simpler to use with better UI than the ..unfortunately I have to say, horrible UI of verve.

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I think Taron woke up some year ago, after resting for 5 years or so :D

New vids on his youtube site from one year ago, and it seems there are other versions of vervette, the UI on some of those isn´t the same as the one I posted above...

His youtube channel, last video 7 months ago...
Taron - YouTube

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I remember this from several years back. Really made my PC chug. :) Need to find the newer version to give a play.


you can do that with webgl since 5 year, I saw that 5 year ago on an HTML page.
it's not really new but it's fun.
Sort of..
Taron has mixed the fluids with paint attribute, to use brushes, change speed, drying of the fluids, and many other things related to get a painted media with the mix of fluids.
But sure, there may be others out there.

Here is one webGL based fun fluid tool as well for everyone to try, it has some other cool light effects that vervette don´t have, but it´s not designed for painting on a canvas...
WebGL Fluid Simulation (

And yes..very fun and relaxing I would say, reminds me of the days when I used coffe and cream to study the fluids to be fascinated by the dynamics.

fluid painter.jpg


A tip if you use the above app, turn down density diffusion to zero, otherwise the color fluid will diffuse out and vanish.
increase velocity diffusion to around the motion is slowed down and dries.
turn down vorticity as the initial step to just get the feel of the fluid initial motion, then increase to add more turbulent interaction in the fluids. color controls...not on this one.

Splat radius, controls the brush size.
right click to save to png, or go to capture and take screenshot.

It´s fun, but ultimately the output characteristics will be pretty much the same, unless you add more true paint tools like Taron has done.

Now..more of these, and better ones?


Yes I tested that 5-7 years ago, I hesitated to write a game or an animation software with webgl, I finished by write something with the canvas in JS/HTML that can do SVG but too pixels and webgl.

it's really impressive and in real time !
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