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OK, so I have a humanoid object, 1 arm, 1 hand, 1 head, 1 torso. All these have individual uv maps created in substance.
I've copied all the objects onto one layer. I know want to be able to copy all of the individual object Uv's all onto a single UV map.
I've tried numerous ways of doing this in modeler but it always breaks the Uv's. As soon as I copy a uv and paste it into the base UV and resize it to fit in, the UV is messed up.
Can anyone tell me a way of doing this? Is there a way??


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If i understand the question correctly it is normal that you can't change location of UV in UV space and expect texture applied to work same, as soon as you move 1 point in UV view your UV map texture is not corresponding to correct location anymore..

Or i misunderstood and you want something completely different, in that case some screen grabs/video would ne most welcomed :)


Thanks, yes, I think I'd been going around it so much I confused myself. I've actually now solved the problem without having to now map them all onto one UV map.


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Substance painter does not unwrap UVs you need to use Modeler to unwrap your model first.

To unwrap your model correctly make sure to follow good practices.
  1. Hide parts you don't want to unwrap with the minus key -.
  2. To show hidden parts use the equals key =.
  3. Unweld the model to sections for example (head, torso, arms, legs) by pressing Ctrl+u, then merge points by pressing m this way your model sections are intact.
  4. Unwrap each section to the same UV map, you can make sure by selecting the name of the map while unwrapping or if you used ABF unwrap the default UV map name is Unwrap, you can use this map for all your unwrapping then rename it later.
Download PLG tools for UV Unwrapping they are plugins for LightWave helping in UV packing and Unwrapping. they are old but still relevant and enough for all cases.

NOTE: Unweld to keep things organized while unwrapping once finished merge the model again if necessary to deform correctly in animation.
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